GTA Online gets 10 new user-created jobs

Published on January 23, 2014

GTA Online is about to heat up with the addition of 10 new player created jobs. Rockstar held an event called the #CreatorWeekend where it put out a call to the community for the best of the best in player-created races and deathmatches.

The event, held between December 20-22 last year, also put up the chance for a million GTA dollar prize and a unique #CreatorWeekend-themed license plate. Rockstar has finally announced the next batch of player created jobs; five that are Rockstar-verified and five that managed to rise to the top during the #CreatorWeekend challenge.

Rockstar-verified jobs

The first half of the new jobs are the Rockstar verified ones, broken down into four new races and one new deathmatch.

Twists and Twirls

The first race, Twists and Twirls, runs through Blaine County as you go from Galileo Observatory up through the Tonga Valley. The tricky terrain favors speedy Sports cars, but overzealous drivers may find themselves flying off a cliff if they forget about the brakes.

Stars In Your Eyes

Next up is a race called Stars In You Eyes, an homage to the widely played GTA IV ranked race “Stars in your Eyes.” Tear through the streets of Los Santos as you battle against traffic. The job creator advises turning off NPC cars if you can not make it to the end.

Monaco Grand Prix GTA ed.

The third race is designed as a replica of Europe’s famous Monaco Grand Prix track.

Everything you would find in its real-life counterpart can be found here, though it is unlikely you would ever see many real-life drivers get launched out of their car after failing one of the track’s many tight turns.

Casal Dos Ferros Race

The Last Rockstar-verified race is called Casal Dos Ferros, and is designed to give GTA Online players a racing experience similar to what you would find in a game like Forza or Gran Turismo. Pure, no-nonsense racing.

Classy Construction

Rounding out the picks is a lone deathmatch job called Classy Construction. Set in an upscale part of Vinewood Hills, the map offers two different approaches: dominate the high ground with long range weapons, or take it to the streets with the bullet-spewing minigun.

#CreatorWeekend winners

Next up are the winners selected from the pool of applicants that took part in Rockstar’s #CreatorWeekend challenge. Five jobs were selected, comprising two races and three deathmatches. Each winner received 1 million in GTA prize money and an exclusive tag that marks them as among the best in the Creator community.

4 Way Madness

First up, a deathmatch job called 4 Way Madness. Created by user gangsterpdp, this arena sends players vaulting over a large chasm filled with exploding gas canisters. Any airborne collisions will result in immediate death upon landing, so be sure to keep to the skies for as long as possible.

Crastenburg Drifting Race

Crastenburg Drifting Race is the second map winner, and features a race designed around the concept of drifting. The ability to consistently put your vehicle into a smooth, controlled drift while avoiding other players around tight turns will determine the victor here.

Laguna Seca Remake

The last race in the update, titled Laguna Seca Remake, is a recreation of one of Southern California’s most widely known tracks.

Paradise Ally

Paradise Alley, a deathmatch map that puts players around a warehouse, features large quantities of heavy weapons and armor. Multiple points of attack allow sneaky players to pick off foes unseen.

Terry's Hangout

The last job, a deathmatch called Terry’s Hangout, takes place around a small grouping of buildings just outside Los Santos. Resembling an abandoned desert pit stop, this map favors players who can hold the high ground.

Future updates planned

The amount of creativity on display here can only mean good things going into the future for the Creator tool set. Rockstar promises more support, so stay tuned for additional Rockstar-verified jobs in the coming months.

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