10 New Rockstar Verified Jobs Added to GTA Online

Summary of 10 New Rockstar Verified Jobs Added to GTA Online

The most recent batch of GTA Online Jobs verified by Rockstar has been made available on the Playstation Network and Xbox Live. These include new races and deathmatches that are both fun and competitive.

From Weazel to Weazel – by cionyes

From Weazel to Weazel

A long race around Los Santos that ends in Banham Canyon. Pick-ups have been placed with considerable care, creating a race that calls for both quick reflexes as well as strategy. The variety is such that players can either choose to go for firepower over speed to destroy the competition, or choose speed boosts to outrun other players.

Beach Side Race – by papa salada

Using either motorbikes or ATVs, players take a course from the Vespucci Canals all the way to the Pacific Bluffs. The choice of vehicles gives them an edge in speed and acceleration, allowing players to make liberal use of all the jumps that litter the course.

Rush Hour – by YouStupidFatFuk

Full of twists and turns, this course requires a player to choose a vehicle with tight handling as they motor down the Los Santos highways. This is made even more chaotic by the fact the player is joined by fifteen other cars in this frenzied race.

Lodge Battle – by Su-per-cat

Set in an abandoned lodge in the middle of the forest, this job forces players to fight to the death within small enclosed spaces. The abundance of trees creates a high number of cover spots, as well as large number of hiding places from which to ambush other players.

Custom Freeway Gymkhana – by SaltedCracka

A short technical race, it takes place around the docks. Full of tricky turns and several well-placed jumps, this a masterfully designed course meant for skilled players.

The Pad of Death – by DatBread

Located in the seedy Los Santos docks, this is a standard deathmatch filled to the brim with explosive weapons. The locale is loaded with numerous trucks and containers to seek cover from the chaos, and can also be used to launch surprise attacks.

Long Haul 2 – by Paradis 420


More an endurance test than a race, players can keep their finger glued to the accelerator for the longest Rockstar verified job race. Other than other competitors, the key challenge in this race is the neverending waves of oncoming traffic that can take the player from first place to last in a heartbeat.

High Road – by Spider-aka-Mr19

Starting from the center of Los Santos, this is an exhilarating race that continues into the hills before ending back in Hawick. This race doesn’t stand out much, but its lack of faults makes for a solid experience.

Woodbury – by RussianConcussin

Set in a small town in the wilderness of Blaine County, this is a team deathmatch which favors teamwork over individual glory. Fortified with barriers, this is a game featuring territorial control as one team attempts to take the fort from the other.

Horseback Hell – by Misterbocs007

Another team deathmatch taking place just off the Senora Freeway. Item pick-ups appear next to spawn points and cover spots, ensuring that nobody is ever without a weapon. For an extra bonus, the map is filled with giant gas tanks, making mutilkills nothing but a matter of time.

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