29 Amazing GTA V Easter Eggs

Published on October 24, 2013

GTA 5 Easter Eggs


1 – Hidden Messages

In the Colector’s Edition of the game, you’ll be treated to several extras that include a map. Hold an ultraviolet black light to the map to reveal hidden messages that will lead you to other Easter Eggs and hidden clues.

2 – Old Friends

While cruising about on Grove Street, you’ll encounter some of the neighborhood characters from Grand Theft Auto IV. Most of which will be riding bicycles through the hood and screaming obscenities at you.

3 – No Country

Take a trip off the interstate in the north west region of the map and you’ll encounter a drug deal gone awry. The scene resembles that of the movie No Country for Old Men. For your efforts a large sum of money is left behind for your taking.

4 – It’s a Trap!

GTA V Easter Eggs

Rockstar Games loves to reference their own and GTA is no different. In the construction areas, you’ll find machinery that has the same paint job as the Robot Clap Trap from the game Borderlands 2.

5 – Play as Max Payne

Play as Max Payne

While you’re shopping at the Suburban clothing store, pick yourself up one of those gaudy Hawaiian print shirts. Then head on over to the barber shop and get the free Wood haircut to bald your head and give Michael the full beard. Purchase a pair of the Rimmers Steel Avaiator sunglasses and you’ll have the striking resemblance to Max Payne.

6 – Playtime

GTA V Easter Eggs

In your exploring of the hills behind of Los Santos, you’ll discover a mansion paradise. Take a look around and you’ll notice right away that it looks like the Playboy Mansion. This estate also comes with a poolside grotto and scantily clad women walking about!

7 – Cliff Diving

Everyday at 7pm on the southwest corner of Mount Chiliad near Trevor’s helipad, a scene plays out from the movie Thelma and Louise. Two women in a topless convertible are blocked by a swarm of police as they barrel off the cliff and their car is pummeled into wreckage.

8 – Who’s your Daddy?

While playing online, you can choose John Marsten as your father. This character was a popular character in Rockstar’s Red Dead Redemption

9 – Noted Novelist

Since we’re on the topic of RDR, Rockstar Games has no qualms with tooting their own horn. Search the bookshelves in Franklin’s house. Here you’ll find the novel version Red Ded Redemption as written by one: J. Marston.

10 – Drive in Style

GTA V Easter Eggs

The Discount Store in Grapeseed has many great second-hand styles to wear. In the left back corner of the store you’ll find some jackets. One of which is a white satin jacket that resembles the one worn in the movie Drive. The difference being the embroidered scorpion is replaced by a crab.

11 – Find the Lost Hatch

Dive deep into the sea of north east region of the map to discover a secret hatch that is said to be the hatch from the series, Lost. You cannot interact with the hatch and any attempts to dive close to it will result in you getting wasted.

12- Hello Halo

In the downtown district on the street that resembles Hollywood, you’ll come across the Oriental Theater. In front of the theater a costumed character that resembles the Master Chief from the game Halo will shout slurred catch phrases and obscenities at you for a dollar.

13 – GTA Hip-Hop Legends

In the neighborhood and inside Franklin’s house on the hill you’ll find album and concert posters for Madd Dog and G-LOC from GTA: San Andreas. If you look closely to Madd Dog’s poster, it also resembles the campaign poster used by President Obama in 2008.

14 – Quinton’s Lair

Take a good look around Floyd’s apartment. If it looks familiar to you, that’s because it’s the same layout and design as Melanie’s apartment from the movie Jackie Brown.

15 – The Geek Kingdom

Lester’s apartment is treasure trove of pop-culture references. From Bigfoot to the Japanese Anime reference, the list of collectibles and geek culture is too long to list.

16 – They are here.

It’s no secret that the paranormal and alien influences are great in this game. If you go off the beaten path and under the bridge in the prologue of the game, you’ll spot an alien frozen in the ice below.

17 – Atlantis

Using a submersible to explore into the dark depths of the north ocean, you’ll find an alien saucer with spires sunken down.

18 – Abduction: Fort Zancudo UFO

Upon 100% completion of the game, other distinctive UFOs will appear in the skies. The first is flying over the shrine dedicated to them by the Hippies of Sandy Shores. You can interact with this classic looking flying saucer and even shoot it down.

19 – Area 51

Could these aliens be looking for their friend that is frozen in the ice? Flying ominously above Fort Zancudo is another UFO. Interaction is again limited to shooting it down and boarding it like a building which leads me to believe that these UFOs might lead to further game play in the form of online play or downloadable content.

20 – Close Encounters

Hovering above Mount Chiliad at night near the Cable Car stop rests a UFO that pulls double duty in the Easter Egg department. This UFO only comes out during the night and a thunderstorm. The location and design of the spacecraft resembles that from the one featured in the Spielberg classic, Close Encounters of the Third Kind.

21 – Glyphs

Also all about Mount Chiliad are alien script glyphs and one of a humanoid creature flying with a jet pack. Rumor has it that the UFO mystery in GTA could find itself to be a an expansion in the form of downloadable content. Either way, the mysterious writings do make for great Easter Eggs.

22 – Getting the Boost

After completing the mission Deep Inside, head towards the back of the garage and find the wall with a black light shining on a glowing list of the cars you just boosted. This is an obvious nod to the movie Gone in 60 Seconds.

23 – Unsolved Mystery

Unsolved Mystery

Throughout the GTA world, you’ll find cryptic graffiti messages from the Mystery 8 killer. Connect the clues and find the bodies for a prize.

24 – Get Pumped with Brucie Kibbutz

The self proclaimed Alpha Male in GTA4 has gone legit and he’s promoting his new performance enhancement products on the radio. Go to any computer in the game and look up Brucie’s website. The next time you play GTA5 in online mode, you’ll get a call from your old pal.

25 – Badly Broken

When flying close to the mountains, you’ll spot a stenciled face that resembles the character named Jesse from the show Breaking Bad. Also when you are re-introduced to Trevor, he makes several comments regarding portable meth-labs that are inside motor-homes.

26 – Singing Soprano

Upon approach to Michael’s mansion estate, take notice to the layout of the property. The stately curved driveway that goes to the lower-level garage is reminiscent of the New Jersey mansion that the Soprano family lived in on the show of the same name.
Is Micheal or Tony home?

27 – Making Friends

During a transition scene, Michael’s son is on a Facenook-like website called LifeInvader. Here he is adding GTA4 main character, Nico Bellic, as one of his friends on the site. Notice that on Nico’s profile, he also has his cousin Roman as one of his contacts.

28 – Beam Me UP

Within the skate park in Sandy Shores, you’ll see the words: Beam Me Up painted on the ramp wall. This is not only reference to Star Trek but also keeps in tune with the underlying alien presence of the game itself.

29 – Ghost Hunting

North of the lighthouse on Mount Gordo a ghost appears between 11:30pm and midnight. When you get to close, she disappears and the name of her killer appears. More of a side game than an Easter Egg, this phenomenon resembles a certain Hollywood urban legend regarding an unsolved murder.

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