GTA V: the first 5 places to visit in Los Santos

Published on August 21, 2013


In Grand Theft Auto, the city always steals the spotlight. The fifth installment of GTA, set to be released by Rockstar Games on September 17, introduces gamers to the mean streets of Southern California and Los Angeles through the fictional urban locale of Los Santos and Blaine County.

It’s a gritty world of disillusioned dreams, corrupt politicians, and countless criminal enterprises that require exploration. So, let’s discover what to hit up first when entering into the underbelly of Los Santos.

1. Los Santos Customs

Cars have always felt entirely disposable

Cars have always felt entirely disposable

As is the case with any GTA, cars take center stage. San Andreas introduced players to the ability to customize their rides, but Los Santos takes customization to another level. Los Santos Customs lets you pimp out your virtual rides with custom paint jobs, wheels, body parts, and any other feature you can imagine, allowing you to cruise the pedestrian-filled pavement in style.

2. Underwater

Scuba diving is definitely on the cards

Scuba diving is definitely on the cards

The waters surrounding Los Santos are full of all kinds of junk and wreckage, but the promise of shipwrecks and useful submersible equipment will really get you wet. Spend some time under the water and you may find a nuke that you can use to cause some real destruction. So, dive beneath the waves and you can send Bob Mulêt’s Hair & Beauty Salon up in a ball of flames.

3. The Outdoors

Sky diving in Los Santos

Sky diving in Los Santos

If you loved San Adnreas for the fact that you could hop in a car and ride along dirt roads for hours and hours, then you’ll love GTA V. Los Santos is a wonder land of discovery that’s bigger than Liberty City, Red Dead Redemption, and San Andreas combined. If you’re like me, the first thing you’ll probably do is jump in your customized ride and just start driving for hours with no particular destination in mind. I must say, it takes a pretty cool game to actually make you count the hours until you can do that.

4. Hair & Beauty Salon

The names are so good that the logo design often doesn't get as much credit as it should

The names are so good that the logo design often doesn’t get as much credit as it should

Gangstas and high-class grooming go hand in hand, and in GTA V, Bob Mulêt’s Hair & Beauty Salon is the place to get your groom on. Some animals make themselves look bigger to scare off predators. In Los Santos, you can do the same with your hair. Your new do will help you scare off innocent bystanders and drop any fools who drop a dime on you.

5. Learning Centre

Epsilon Program

Home to the Epsilon Program, which is GTA V’s overtly hilarious satire on scientology, the Los Santos Learning Center is a must visit.

Promoted by the resident nut jobs, the Epsilon Program will have you cracking up and taking names as you easily manipulate and rob its brainwashed disciples. They’ll soon find out the true price they must pay for peace of mind.

GTA V is set to take the GTA series to another level. From the mountains high above Los Santos to the waters deep below, you’ll soon discover a virtual playground of high octane criminal activity the likes of which you’ve never seen.

Let the countdown begin! And you, what do you want to visit first in Los Santos?

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