GTA V to Burn Rubber at NYFF Convergence

Published on September 30, 2013

If you’ve got any gamer friends and you’ve signed onto a social network since GTA V was released a week and a half ago, you know that the gaming community is going nuts over the newest game in the Grand Theft Auto franchise.

Even reviewers who have criticized parts of the game still give it a raving review overall, and the developers aren’t done pushing the game. You can expect to see promotions for GTA V continue through the holiday gift season, which includes an appearance at the 51st New York Film Festival.


The NYFF has already kicked off, but it’s going until the middle of October. Although a video game might not be an independent movie, the team at Rockstar Games are using this as an opportunity to get people talking about their latest release. Two panels and a concert will revolve around the topic.

The World of Grand Theft Auto V

The first panel con goers can expect at the New York Film Festival is entitled “The World of Grand Theft Auto V.” This panel will happen at 3:30 PM on Sunday, and panelists will discuss creation of the new setting with new game technology. Gamers can get an inside look at designing a game like GTA V that revolves around the streets of Blaine County and Los Santos.


The Music of GTA V

The second panel features the composers of GTRA V: Tangerine Dream, Woody Jackson and Alchemist & Oh No. “The Music of Grand Theft Auto V.” They’ll be able to talk about scoring the game, which has become famous for its sounds. Rockstar has also planned a musical event, Live From Los Santos: The Music of Grand Theft Auto V, featuring those composers.

This is a unique opportunity, and fans of GTA V will have some serious bragging rights if they attend. After the concert, two of the in-game radio hosts will perform live for music lovers.

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