GTA Online Cheats: Make loads of money and RP at Rank 75

Published on October 9, 2013

If you are a serious online GTA V gamer, then you will want to get your player’s skills up as quickly as possible. In addition, you want to be able to make a lot of money in quick time, which will give you more time to spend it and win the remaining missions. There is a process that has been created which allows players to make a lot of money and RP when they reach rank 75.


Getting to Rank 75-

Before the money can be made, the user much reach rank 75 within the game. Martin Madrazzo’s Mixed up with Coke mission is the best one to take on, and it will allow you to get to Rank 75 within a few hours. The more effective you are in that mission, the quicker you will get to rank 75.

Making Money and RP-

The mission you will be undertaking is called Rooftop Rumble. This mission allows you to get $2m per hour in cash, and around 400k RP per hour. Before you start the mission, you must have a grenade launcher.
The mission requires you to kill five people, and get a set of documents. The mission takes less than two minutes to complete, and you can keep doing it until you make an acceptable amount of money.

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