GTA 5 crashing older Xbox 360 consoles – report

Published on September 24, 2013

Report – GTAV Crashing Older Xbox 360 Consoles

Since the launch of Grand Theft Auto V, there have been reports from users of older Xbox 360s that the game crashes their console. A series of forum posts have been piling up over at of gamers complaining about their frustration with their game and their console. Many video game websites such as Kotaku have been receiving complaints as well from their site members. All of these Xbox 360 owners have something in common in that their console models were manufactured or refurbished between 2006 and 2008.

New GTA V Screenshot

Crashing Theories

Some users have hypothesized that the game crashes due to the small hard drive size of the console, but some users with large HDDs are still reporting that the game crashes their console. Some users have also theorized that the game crashes the console because of memory issues of not having enough space in their hard drive after installing the game. Many have tried deleting and reinstalling the game multiple times but to no success. There are even some users who have tried various methods of installing one disc or both discs and at different locations in the game, but the game still crashes their console.

Official Support

Users who received contact with Rockstar Support have been told that they are aware and are gathering data to find out if a solution can be provided whether it is patch work or another method. Rockstar’s official troubleshooting guide for GTAV asks users to delete the installation data, clearing the cache of their Xbox 360, and try reinstalling the game. One user contacted Xbox Live Support, and they gave a solution that worked for the user.

1. Delete all GTAV game data.
2. Clear system cache three times.
3. Delete marketplace data from storage system items.
4. Unplug console for three minutes.
5. Install disc 1.
6. Power off, do not insert disc 2.
7. Restart.
8. Install disc 2.
9. Play.

Some users have tried this method, but to little success. So, Rockstar Games has some work to do to find a patchable solution for these gamers.

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