Crew Cut: Family Portrait Gangsters & Color Coordinated Pranksters

Published on November 7, 2013

Crews Display YouTube Prowess

Grand Theft Auto V Crews looking to add members have taken to YouTube with a variety of creative visual stunts and recruiting videos made to entice gamers. The DONZ Family, for example, has created a video that creatively reworks Michael’s narration into this sweet sepia-infused video.

The LS VIGILANT3S (NAFC) Crew released a unique reel featuring Team Deathmatch sequences, which, of course, perfectly display the team’s tireless, frantic style of gameplay. In their video, Commissioner codydaley is seen accumulating kill streaks and Power Plays like the true champion he is. Another reason the team’s video is excellent is that AC/DC’s “Shoot to Thrill” acts as the video’s theme music.

Brazilians Exploit Instagram

The Blackhawks (BLAK) Crew, from Brazil, who are always looking for new crew members, has started spreading the word via Instagram and Snapmatic. The crew has created custom t-shirts and paraphernalia posters to improve their brand awareness in North America.

The HIGH Crew is at it Once Again

As usual, Dockhag and his Healing in God’s Herb (HIGH) Crew are back at it with their usual jokes, like putting a crotch rocket in a jacuzzi. The crew, dressed in their signature green colors, celebrated Halloween with their first-ever spooky photograph contest. They have also started jousting at each other with knives, where two of the crew’s characters duel on the greens of Los Santos Golf Club with knives.

All in the Family

Other GTA V crews are celebrating their familial vibe by sharing “family photos” online, where a group will post a photograph with each member posed in the picture. This week, Lem0n Pledge (NONO), The Devils Within (FEAR) Crew, the East Coast Syndicate (EAST) Crew, the HIGH Crew, and the SOUTH PACIFIC MAFIA (SPMA) shared Kodak moments with the community.

Reddit GTA Squads

Everyone’s favorite interactive online forum, Reddit, even has a number of Grand Theft Auto groups, including a number of 300-member groups (the highest amount of members the video games allows). Subreddits are active on the forum; too, with Los Mapaches (RACC) Crew group leader, raccoooonzzzz, posting game news, the Los Mapaches Car Show, and Crew unity in a thread.

The always opportunistic raccoooonzzzz even allowed the Free Hugs II (HUGS) Crew to post news in the Subreddit, allowing gamers to connect with each other as well as ask and answer each other’s questions. These Subreddit threads also act as a way to recruit new crew members.

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