Crew Cut: Hierarchy Ranks and Recruitment Frenzy

Published on September 11, 2013

With the imminent release of Grand Theft Auto V, Crew Leaders are using the new Social Club Crew Hierarchies to whip their crews into shape. Crew members are finding themselves promoted or demoted to the ranks of Commissioner, Lieutenant, Representative, or Muscle.

Established veterans and eager newcomers alike are being arranged into chains of command, with each crew using the new features to cement their position in the Social Club.

Off the Blocks

The Ganja Outlaws (WEED) crew jumped to the front of the pack by getting their crew hierachies rolling within the first hour of the feature’s availability. WeedDemon74 and Zedder13 were locked in as Commissioners, then crew leader DutchStoner went on to name CammySutra, 2ueK1LL4 and six more solid members as Lieutenants. The crew rounded outs numbers with an impressive 50 Representatives and a truly daunting 225 Muscle.

Other crew leaders have decided to centralize power at the top. ErnestoRock2 of the One Bullet At A Time (1BAT) Crew trusted no one to act as his Commissioner, choosing instead to use his secondary account, ErnestoRock, for that vaunted position.

Will this strategy keep the crew tight and ready to roll, or will it inspire paranoia and hard feelings amongst Lieutenants Mike921, PWN3D I Inc, and WrathOfJenati? Only time will tell.

Bulking Up

Some crews have been energized by the new features, expanding by leaps and bounds within the new hierarchies. The official GTAForums Crew more than doubled in size, adding 84 new members to reach a beefy total body count of 145 bangers.

Despite the sudden influx of new blood, leader Phatgordo13 has decided to go with a lean and mean Hierarchy, appointing a meager three Commissioners, three Lieutenants, and a sparse two Representatives. This flat leadership structure puts the main man close to the boots on the ground, but will he be able to keep everyone in line?

A Call to Arms

Some crews have created elaborate recruitement pitches, including an epic video from the Aegis Legion (EGIS) Crew ( that showcases victories from their Max Payne days.

The Lost NZ (LOST) crew went above and beyond with their video recruitment, crafting a video that the Sons of Anarchy would be proud to call their own (

Some crews just have to go their own way, and the Unfair Advantage (UFAV) Crew exemplifies that approach by refusing to recruit new members. Will their elitist attitude draw in the best and bloodiest, or will it bring hired guns to their doorstep?

Throw Down

Until now, no one has dared face the Fear The Wrath (FAHQ) Crew in a Crew vs. Crew battle on the official Rockstar live stream. When the Terra Firma (TERA) Crew stepped up, fans were ready for an epic rumble. Unfortunately for the Terra Firma Crew, what played out was a brutal sweep by Fear the Wrath.

With the release of GTA V at hand, competition is heating up. Is your Crew up for the challenge?

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