Crew Cut: Lost and Found Motorcycle Clubs, IRL Crew Poses and More

Crew Cuts: Teams Use Music to Spread Message

More and more often, GTA V crews are creating YouTube videos with their very own, custom-made theme music. The SekC Army (SEKC) Crew, for example, have allowed iXpert Thief, a talented rapper who is part of their infantry, drop his very own version of “Thug Life.” ‘Xpert spits bars about the team’s modus operandi, which includes frequent hold-ups, random street shoot-outs, and rampant partying in the clubs.

The Twelve Reasons 2 Die (TR2D) Crew took a different approach to music this week, creating a highlight reel of their shenanigans and violent acts, which they set to Ghostface Killah’s song, “Twelve Reasons to Die.”

Ferocious Freeway Crews

While some GTA Crews are dedicated to committing violent acts in the streets and neighborhoods of Los Santos, other groups commit their crimes on the freeways. There are, of course, the Lost Angels MC (LAMC) Crew and the SC Brothers of Freedom SCBF Crew, both of whom are active on Snapmatic and the virtual freeways of Grand Theft Auto V. The SC Bros have begun documenting their crimes on their own website, where they also post news about their crew and list their allies.

Girls Can Have Fun, Too!

Men are not the only ones having crew-based fun on GTA V. Rather, there are several all-girl crews that play the game and execute their own raids, too. The Boss Girls (GIRL) Crew is the most prominent all-ladies squad in the game. They have made quite the name for themselves by creating a ghoulish skeleton logo (which they have for sale, as a sticker). To join the group, you need to leave a voice message for Boss Girls crew leader, nikkinade, or their commissioner, Thizzlers, to ensure that you are actually a gal, and not a guy.

Another lady gamer to make a splash this week was the aptly named Ladygamer101, of The Abominable Cupcakes (CAKE) Crew, who released a free roam video chock full of spooky Halloween tips and tricks. The motto of the Cupcake Crew is “stay FROSTED and the rest get iced” – hilarious, yet sweet.

More Crew News


In past weeks, the HIGH Crew as well as the Cyclop 9 squad have received our attention. This week, though, we heard from Mike921, commissioner of the Shine Thugz (THUG) Crew. This French team released a reel that shows them at their best – rampaging clowns who kill and rob with a certain joie de vivre.

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