Become A Creator of Awesome Deathatches in GTA Online

Rockstar’s Grand Theft Auto Online is the most successful online multiplayer game ever released, and for good reason. The grand scope of its free-roaming, gigantic environment in the fictional city of Los Santos offers its players incredible Deathmatches, unlike anything seen in any other game. The new Creator empowers you to create your own incredible Jobs for Crews to take on.

Deathatches in GTA Online

Starting Right

The Deathmatch Details Menu will be the first stop. This is where the name and description of the Job are entered. Other settings that need to be filled in include the Target Score of kills, the Time of Day and the Time Limit for the Deathmatch. It’s important to remember that every Deathmatch Job has to be playable for both Normal and Team players. Select your preferred type so that when players join the Job, your choice will be the default type of Deathmatch.

Everyone needs to have equal firepower to create the tension and challenge demanded by hardcore Deathmatch players. The Lock Weapons option provides a choice of weapons restrictions, allowing you to choose Forced Only to ensure everyone has to use the same weapon or Forced + Pickups to issue a standard starting weapon and allow pickups.

The Owned + Pickups choice lets Crews and players to use their own weapons loadout and grab pickups during the Job.

Deathatches in GTA Online

Place Your Elements Carefully

The Trigger point for your Job is the place where players will enter your Deathmatch while playing in Free Mode.

Spawn Point placement can be crucial. Make sure you don’t place them where people will die as soon as they re-spawn, or so far from the action that the fight is over by the time they get back. The number of Spawn Points is determined by the number of players you specify for your Deathmatch in the Details Menu and can be edited at any time.

Team Start Points determine where players start out when the Type is set to Team Deathmatch. Each player requires a Team Start Point.

Now you’re ready to start placing your structure props, pickups and vehicles to provide cover from weapons and places for players to conceal themselves. Try to create areas where teams have to funnel through a “bottleneck” to create teamwork challenges.

Other good Deathmatch elements include places for sniping and areas to draw the other team into an ambush. Balance and testing are the keys to finishing up with an awesome Deathmatch.

Listen to Your Players

Deathatches in GTA Online

Make sure to get feedback from players, your Crew and the larger GTA Social Community. Evaluate their comments about your arena and tune it up accordingly. Crews that see Deathmatch Creators giving the extra effort to meet their needs are likely to return to those particular Jobs again and again.

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