Some More Details on GTA Online

Published on September 28, 2013

Grand Theft Auto V hit the shelves earlier this month and quickly rose to millions of sales in but a few short days. While players have been robbing banks and stealing cars in the single-player campaign, the online portion of GTA is set to go live on October 1st. As fans wait impatiently for this date, here are some additional details on Grand Theft Auto Online.

Open World

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Grand Theft Auto Online is a fully realized world that is a hybrid between match-based multiplayer and an MMO. Sixteen players can enter the world to create unimaginative amounts of chaos and destruction. You can play tennis or go bowling with your friends.

You can join your comrades in breaking the law; rob a store or take down an armored truck, anything you set your mind to can be done. You can set up races on the rough terrain of the dessert or the vast waters of the open sea. Grand Theft Auto Online is an open world that provides limitless hours of gameplay.


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One of the most innovative additions to the GTA experience is the reputation system that Rockstar has built into Grand Theft Auto Online. Everything you do will earn you reputation points that can help you to rank up and provide access to tons of new features. This system is designed to reward the chaos you create.


One of the most tantalizing aspects of GTA Online is that of the myriad of jobs you can perform to boost your reputation and the amount of cash you receive. You can join a crew to execute skillful robberies or other illegal activities.

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If you don’t feel like taking on these tasks with your friends, you can be a lone wolf, striking fear in the citizens of Los Santos, as you watch your reputation soar under the might of your terrifying skills.


In GTA Online, customization is a huge aspect of what can set you apart from everyone else. Not only are you allowed to fully customize the clothes that you wear, you can also customize your cars and your immense weapons cache.

GTA Online screenshots

GTA Online Updates

One of the unique aspects of GTA Online is that every piece of content that is added after launch will be free. As of this moment, two of the biggest additions to GTA Online that will come after launch are The Content Creator, in which you can use tools to create deathmatches and races, and Heists, which will allow you to band together with other players to plan and execute intricate heists on the many banks littered throughout the world.

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