Please note that some of these Easter Eggs contain spoilers if you have not yet completed GTA V.

Are Easter Eggs easy to find?

The art director for GTA V said that the game is so packed with references he doubts many people will even see the Easter Eggs. He also explained how much the landscape has changed for a series that has become such a touchstone in modern gaming. Players would be wowed by the sheer amount.

Locations Map

This map shows the location of Easter Eggs that can be found in Los Santos and Blaine County.

These include:

  • The Alien Base (rumored location at this stage)
  • Bigfoot (rumored locations at this stage)
  • Deer Hunter (aka “Deer-man”)
  • Sea Monsters
  • UFO Hotspot
GTA V Easter Eggs

Easter Eggs Map


Not only is there a spawn parachute cheat but you can find it pretty easily within the game anyway. Head to Mount Chiliad in the north-western area of the map. You find the parachute on the middle grey “wire” platform, right next to the cable car at the top of the mountain.

Pratfall Easter Egg

To fall on your ass press Square to jump and then when you’re in mid-air press Circle.

10 Easter Eggs you probably missed

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