Find your Crew in GTA Online

Published on November 14, 2013

Are you looking to find a crew to hang out with in Grand Theft Auto V? Have you recently started playing Max Payne 3 and want a crew to back you up in a gunfight? If so, there are a couple of places you can check to try and find the right crew for you. And there’s also a few things you should know when looking for a crew.

Rockstar Newswire

GTA V crew

Rockstar Newswire has been covering crews for quite some time. They do a feature called Crew Cut that covers different crews and the awesome stuff they do. They have started a new feature called Crew Recruitment. This feature will highlight some of the better crews to join. Each crew listed is actively seeking members. So make sure to keep up with the Rockstar Newswire if you want to know about any great crews that are looking for people.

Social Club Crews

The Rockstar Social Club also has a great place to learn about different crews. It is the crews section of the club. The crews section highlights the most recent posts from the Rockstar Newswire. They also show off a few crews with high performance or awesome videos. You can check out the leaderboards, look at featured crews and search for specific crews you may have heard about from friends. There is also a feature to create your own crew just in case you can’t find any crew you might be happy with.

Crew Tips

When looking for a crew, there are several things you want to keep in mind: size, activity and personalities. All of these affect the kind of fun you’ll have while playing the games.


Are you looking for a large crew to make sure there are always a large number of crew members around? Or do you want a smaller crew so you can actually get to know the people in the crew and maybe make new friends in the process?


How active is the crew? Do the members play often? It’s not fun to play with a crew if there’s never anyone from the crew on to play with. You might also be interested in what times the crew normally plays. What time zone are they on? What game do they play most often? Maybe you only want to play Max Payne 3 right now. Are any of the crew members playing it? Or are they all playing Grand Theft Auto Online right now? All of this can lead to whether or not you’ll actually be able to hang out with your new crew or not.



What kind of people are they? This is not something you’ll be able to tell just by looking at a crew page. As you play with the crew, get a feel for their personalities. Do they mesh well with you? Do you enjoy playing the game with them? Do they take it too seriously when you just want to have fun? Do they constantly play around when you want them to be more serious? Do you appreciate their language? Do you like or care how they treat other people or crews? Just because they are the top on the leaderboards doesn’t mean you will have fun playing with them.

You now know where to start looking for your crew. You also have some ideas of what to keep in mind while you’re looking for your crew. Hopefully this helps you find the crew that will make your game playing experience the most fun it can be for you. Now go find your crew and play.

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