Possible First-Person Mode Rumoured for PC Version of “Grand Theft Auto V”

Published on September 24, 2014

It is impossible to overstate the popularity of the Grand Theft Auto franchise, and its influence on the video game industry has been immeasurable. However, in at least one major way the Grand Theft Auto empire has been out of step with everything else occurring in the gaming world. Namely, the series has had a noticeable lack of a subjective, first-person point of view.

A Series That is Both Innovative and Out of Step


Since “Grand Theft Auto III,” video games have spent over a decade trying to catch up with the franchise’s progressive innovations in terms of 3D graphics, involving and complex storytelling, open worlds, emphasis on characters and unrestrained mayhem. However, one area in which the GTA series has seemingly failed to reach its full potential is through first-person perspective.

By the time “Grand Theft Auto” was released in 1997, the first-person shooter craze was well underway with 1990s blockbusters such as “Doom” and “Wolfenstein 3D.” Even after breaking out of the top-down paradigm of the first GTA games, the designers behind the series have been more interested in innovation and setting Grand Theft Auto games apart from other popular games, including first-person games. While some first-person elements have been included with titles since “Grand Theft Auto III,” gameplay has remained largely a third-person experience.

A Thrilling Rumour for PC Gamers

It looks like this all might change with the upcoming “Grand Theft Auto V.” Although it is still in the realm of rumour, an alleged blogspot document, which supposedly came from the official Rockstar website, mentioned a first-person mode which would allow a subjective perspective of detailed vehicle interiors, as well as a first-person point of view for gameplay on foot. According to the rumour, this exciting new feature will be part of the “Grand Theft Auto V” PC game.

As far as the Grand Theft Auto series has come in the past decade-plus, this potential new feature will bring the franchise to new heights of sophistication, and possibly even new heights of popularity.

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