Gas stations refuelling pumping gas in cars

Published on August 22, 2013

Gas stations refuelling pumping gas in carsAs expected, millions of Grand Theft Auto fans are eagerly anticipating the arrival of GTA V. However, some gamers may be bewildered by one particular detail. Unlike past editions of the popular video game, GTA V will now require players to refuel the cars at gas stations.

While some people may find this feature to be an annoying nuisance, there will be others that welcome it with open arms. Here are some of the arguments for and against having to stop for refueling.

Reasons why some people reject the idea

Have you ever been thrilled to take a trip to the local gas station? The answer to that question is probably an emphatic “No”! It is probably safe to say that most gamers could care less about the addition of the gas stations.

The reality is that a lot of GTA fans prefer to just play the game without any unnecessary interruptions. Furthermore, pumping gas has never been the most exciting chore in the world. Not only does the feature potentially waste time, but it also may distract from the actual game play.

Reasons why some gamers like the idea

GTA V cars

There are some gamers that prefer their gaming experience to be as realistic as possible. It makes perfect sense that GTA V cars will eventually have to stop for refueling. For those people that enjoy this new feature, it will only enhance their GTA V adventure.

And you, do you support this new feature or you just don’t care much?

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