Get Your GTA V T-Shirts Directly from the Rockstar Warehouse

Published on January 4, 2013

While the release of Grand Theft Auto V is still slated for early this spring, you can start claiming your very own GTA t-shirts from Rockstar Warehouse today. They’re set to ship on January 7th, so this is one thing that you don’t want to procrastinate on ordering.

The “GTA V Logo Tee” features the full game logo on the front side near the chest area. The “GTA V Tee”, on the other hand, display no more the “V” with the iconic “FIVE” on a banner across it.

Both logos are printed on black fabric to make them really stand out.

Both shirts are made from some of the softest, most comfortable 100% cotton fabric around. That means they can be worn comfortably throughout the day, because they’re high quality. These t-shirts are available in both Men’s and Women’s sizes. Nothing makes a better statement about the biggest game of 2013 than with these.

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