GTA 5 PC: new evidence about release date

Published on October 23, 2013

GTA 5 PC: new evidence about release date

There is exciting news from the world of PCs, where last week, Eurogamer indicated that Grand Theft Auto V would release on computers in early (Q1) 2014. This news corroborates Nvidia’s Chris Evenden, who said in August that a PC version of GTA V was on the horizon. And just last week, an Intel executive named Chris R. Silva suggested that the game will be available for computers at some point.

He went on to elaborate that the reason the game was not available sooner was because “someone” (likely a gaming corporation) paid to keep the game exclusive to consoles.

Sign The Petition

GTA 5 screenshot

At the time of this writing, 613,740 people have signed a Change.Org online petition created to get Rockstar to release Grand Theft Auto V for PC. The goal is to get 1,000,000 signatures. You can read and sign the petition here.

According to the petition, it is a “shame” that Grand Theft Auto V did not release for PCs. The petition starter, a guy named Matt Julliard, argues that computers are perfect for creating modifications for games, and playing modified Grand Theft Auto’s past PC iterations is an “insanely fun time”.

Source Code News

In other news, the source code for Grand Theft Auto’s PC and PlayStation 4 versions can be found in the Xbox 360 release of the game. A user named “kn00tch” on the Guru3d gaming forum suggests that gamers with the newest AMD Catalyst drivers can hex edit the blb and search for the specific address that shows that GTA has the optimization required for a PC release.

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