GTA Fan Vids: Epic Chase Sequences Plus Timelapses, Mythbusting and More

Published on October 20, 2013

As a Grand Theft Auto obsessed video game player, one of my favorite things about the release of the fifth installment in the series is all of the amazing fan videos fellow gamers have uploaded to YouTube in recent weeks.

Legendary YouTube user, Clayman90, has created a few videos devoted to detailing the sequencing of car chases in Grand Theft Auto V. One video, entitled “GTA V – ‘5 Stars’ Police Chase,” has already accumulated 948,000 views and shows Franklin’s unique driving talents and incredible shooting accuracy. Clayman has created a few sequel videos, too, one depicting a Jet Ski police chase scenario.

DespicableChannel has created an amazing time lapse video that demonstrates the variation of landscapes found in GTA V. Featured in the video is the fast-paced city scene of central Los Santos, as well as the bucolic country splendor of Blaine County.

A YouTube musician named SquidPhysics, a one man band of sorts, has even created his very own theme song for Grand Theft Auto V. While wearing an orange pair of Beats By Dre headphones, Squid rocks out on the guitar, a horn, a bass, and the keyboard, creating this instrumental anthem to celebrate the game.

GermanScientistTV recently released a pair of compilation videos, each focused on some of the Scientist’s favorite gameplay features of the game. In Part One, he demonstrates how to do donuts in your car without a steering wheel, as well as how to launch boats, and crash cushions onto the road. Part Two, dropped last week, discusses the animation, physics, and flammable elements found in the game.

Other fan-made videos to check out include GTAV’s “41 Mind-Blowing Things,” about, well, 41 things the crew over at GTAV found mind-blowing about the latest Grand Theft Auto installment. The second, third, and fourth episodes of DefendTheHouse’s GTA Mythbusters series was uploaded, too.

Episode two is dedicated to the game’s detachable cable cars and character strike fatalities, while episode three focuses on the fearsome power of fighter jet blow backs. Episode four discusses collateral damage from suicide bullets, vehicle entry when your character is in mid-air, and how water pressure affects sticky bombs.

My personal favorites, though, are the incredible short film live action short films of Grand Theft Auto gameplay from TrueMOBSTER. And last, but certainly not least, is writer Andy Kelly, whose “Other Places” series that runs on YouTube shows off the places he went and saw during the first week of his GTA vacation.

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