GTA Fan Vids: Cunning Stunts, Co-Signs from Mad Dogg and More

Published on November 13, 2013

YouTube is home to hundreds of different homemade Grand Theft Auto V videos, made by the dedicated and obsessive fans of the video game. Some videos are collections of GTA stunts, while other videos feature scenes from the game set to hip-hop music.

GTA V Stunt Montages

BenBuja, a member of Machinima, and a veteran maker of Grand Theft Auto fan videos, recently released a stunt montage video where he demonstrates how his characters survive the craziest stunt scenarios. More specifically, Ben’s video shows off death-defying jumps, crazy airborne leaps, and impossible pool drops.

Another YouTube stunt expert is Hazardous, who unleashed the third installment of his “GTA 5: Stunt Montage” series. Hazardous shows how to complete barrel rolls in a car and how to land a stunt plane. In his other videos, Hazardous shows how to carry out other near-impossible stunts. My favorite creation of his, though, is “Sh!t GTA 5 People Say,” a hilarious reel that takes funny rants and ridiculous comments made by Los Santos residents out of context and places them in this video.

Time-Lapse Art

HelenD4TT has a series of “Realistic GTAV Drawings,” where the young female artist shows how she creates incredibly life-like drawings of Grand Theft Auto characters in time-lapse videos. This week, Helen drew Franklin using her graphite pencil skills.

Ice T Endorses GTA V

SnM and his Overwatch Elite have created a collection of Grand Theft Auto V videos that feature highlights of the game set to Ice T’s early 1990s gangster rap hits. This past week, Ice T took notice, and gave the crew a shout-out on Twitter, describing the videos as “amazing.”

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