GTA Online Gamers Excited about the $500,000 Stimulus Package

Published on October 19, 2013

GTA Online Gamers Rejoice: Your Money Is On The Way

Since the games October 1st release, gamers have been complaining left and right about all the graphical glitches with GTA Online including disappearing cars and avatars, money, and rankings. Well we all grumbled and moaned, turning to Rockstar’s forums in hopes the GTA gods would hear our prayers and cries for what we lost.

New screenshots from GTA Online

It would seem they have listened, and Rockstar has said through blog posts that they understand our pain, and care about their faithful followers who have been handing their well-earned dollars over for the most highly anticipated game of the year.

The Stimulus Package

Gamers who sign in should see this $500,000 payout starting as early as next week in the form of two installments equaling $250,000 each. The second one being by the end of this month. Both will appear in your character’s online bank account.

This won’t be all, as payments will come with the games new patches that are said to fix these in-game issues people have reported. Its nice to see a company interested in keeping its faithful following exactly that – faithful.

GTA Now – And Into The Future

New screenshots from GTA Online

To think we came from a top-down action adventure game in 1997 to sprawling cities that feel alive with its own culture, day to day life, and crime. The GTA phenomenon has become so popular you’ll be hard pressed to find someone who isn’t familiar with what it is.

Now at GTA5, the game has sold over a billion copies world-wide, showing that the game is no longer just a commercial product. It is a true “rockstar” in its fame and shows no sign of stopping in its financial dominance over the game market.

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