GTA Online Capture Update Now Available

Published on December 23, 2013

The latest free download available to Grand Theft Auto V Online is “Capture,” a unique GTA twist on the classic game of “Capture The Flag.” Comprised of 20 jobs on four different game modes, these team-oriented activities are a great way to build gang chemistry while staying on Freemode. Capture is also available for Xbox Live and PlayStation Network.

GTA Online Capture Update


GTA V’s “Raid” is all about sneaking onto an opponent team’s base, stealing a package, and then conveying that parcel back to your base in a safe manner. Your team wins Raid if its steals and delivers the most packages in the allotted time period.

If you prefer to play on the beach, “Beachin’” is a job centered around controlling the tourist trade on Vespucci Beach. In this job, four gangs compete to gain beachside supremacy by raiding each other’s bases and stealing their stashes of valuable goods.


GTA Online Capture Update

The objective of playing “Hold” is for your team to collect as many packages as possible and then protect them at your base. To obtain a package, you can find them on the map, as well as steal them from other team’s bases. To win this job, you need to reach the target score or be on the team that is holding the most packages when the time clock expires.

Located way up in Chamberlain Hills, “Block Party” is essentially the same game as Hold, but in a different location. Block Party is all about stealing packages and then protecting them.


Much like its namesake would suggest, “GTA” is all about car thievery. More specifically, the task of this job is to find cars on the map, steal them, and drive them back to your team’s base.

“Field of Screams” is a job similar to GTA. Instead of taking place in Los Santos, though, this one is set in the countryside of Grapeseed, where there is a tractor shortage during the all-important time of harvest. In this job, two rival gangs face off and try to return a Fieldmaster tractor back to their base. The winner controls the crops.


GTA Online Capture Update

Unlike Hold, where there are multiple packages scattered throughout the virtual world, “Contend” only has one package, located in middle portion of the map. Of course, teams must contend to capture the package and bring it back to their base. However, the job is unique in that if another team steals the lone package from your team, it reappears at the center of the map.

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