GTA Online Details: Game Day Access Info and More

Published on October 2, 2013

Grand Theft Auto V took the gaming world by storm and became the best-selling entertainment product in history only three days after release. It’s an amazing game in its own right, but the version that shipped was incomplete. The social club scene and the much anticipated GTA Online have only just been released.

How to Access GTA Online?

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GTA Online comes free with every copy of Grand Theft Auto V. All it takes is a simple patch, pushed automatically by the console upon loading the game. On the Playstation, anyone can play simply with a Playstation Network account. Xbox users will need to have an active subscription to Xbox Live Gold.

Security Details

New screenshots from GTA Online

GTA Online predominantly features a social scene wherein you can purchase in-game property and invite friends over. In order to protect these investments, each person’s instanced property is relatively protected. You can invite players into your crib, but they cannot steal your items or shoot the place up.

For that kind of mayhem, your crew will have to take to the streets. The GTA Online scene takes place, chronologically, several months before the events of the solo campaign, giving you access to a pristine city to rampage through.

A Level Playing Field

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The core gameplay of GTA Online is the quest for reputation and GTA$. As you take on jobs around the city, your reputation grows and you earn cash. You spend cash on clothes, weapons and other items that you unlock at certain reputation tiers.

This itself is a limitation on gameplay, designed to prevent people from purchasing large amounts of GTA$ and spending it on top-tier gear. Even if you buy your cash, you’ll still need to work your way up to a tier where you can access your coveted guns and gear.

The Growing World

New screenshots from GTA Online

One of the primary draws of GTA Online is the promise Rockstar has made to their fans. This game is going to grow and expand over the coming years. They’ve already proven they can listen to fan feedback — the crew hierarchies social feature was one such fan suggestion — and they plan to keep tweaking, improving and adding to the game to ensure maximum playability. The game will never be as sparse as it is today, and it’s already packed full of fun and interesting content.

Join the Social Club

New screenshots from GTA Online

The GTA Social Club is, essentially, the GTA Online gold tier. Paying for the social club access grants you a number of benefits, both in gameplay and in content. You’ll be able to bookmark jobs for future reference, upload playlists of your own music mixes and expand your customization options. You even gain access to Red Dead Redemption’s protagonist as a hereditary parent at character creation. What’s not to love?

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