GTA Online: New ways to be an idiot

Published on October 18, 2013

Defend the House is publishing an excellent Grand Theft Auto V myth-buster series on YouTube. In the most recent installment, the show takes a look at GTA Online. In the process, it considers some of the game’s most hilarious and notorious quirks while also busting, and even confirming, some of the most widely held beliefs associated with the online experience.

Suicide Bullet Homicides

New screenshots from GTA Online

For instance, there’s been a lot of discussion lately about how a GTA Online player can use his/her suicide bullet to kill another player. Many people think it’s nothing more than a myth, but Defend the House proves that it’s real and shows some of the ways to accomplish it. A big reason why the myth versus truth debate exists for the suicide bullet glitch is that the target player has to be in a particular situation, such as climbing a ladder.

Motorcycle Helmets Do Save Lives

Another interesting aspect of the most recent show is a test of the various motorcycle helmets available in the game. Some players swear by them, and the show demonstrates how they can save your avatar’s life in a wide variety of situations. In fact, they can actually save you from a headshot.

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