GTA Online not sold separately to GTA V

Published on August 19, 2013

With the new Grand Theft Auto Online gameplay video released, developing company Rockstar made it clear that they considered the online game an entirely different entity to GTA V. GTA V will be released on console systems 2 weeks apart from the online game. This was to further differentiate the 2 games.

Grand Theft Auto Online gameplay video

How to Get GTA Online

With Rockstar being so insistent that the two games are different, the assumption was that the games would be purchased separately. Like most other pay to play online games, a digital download and code would be needed in order to unlock the game; this works mostly as a proof of purchase.

However, GTA Online does not need any code to unlock the world through the computer. The game will not be sold separately but will be included in all copies on the Grand Theft Auto V for the console systems. As of right now, there are no plans to ever sell the online access apart from the five installment of the console version.

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