GTA Online players warned against overwriting old characters

Published on October 10, 2013

With a game of GTA V’s magnitude, there are always going to be slight glitches and problems that crop up. The latest problem has come as a result of the GTA V online upgrade. The problem relates to users being able to see the character that they have created in the game.

Many people accidentally created a new character in their old slot, losing their previous data. Rockstar games is warning against this, and advising gamers to follow a certain procedure to rectify the issue.


Old/New Character Problems

When the character selection screen is empty, it is important not to create a new character within your old character’s slot. Instead, users need to back out of the screen and into the GTA V story mode. Enter the GTA V Online arena through the pause menu, and you will be able to see your character. There may be server delays or errors, but gamers are asked to persist until the screen comes up with your old character visible.

Characters Not Deleted

Rockstar has confirmed that while the characters are not visible on some screens, they have NOT been deleted. Following the above steps will ensure that the character becomes visible again.

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