Will GTA Online Be Considered For The PS4 and Xbox One?

Published on August 22, 2013

Although Rockstar is unwilling to confirm whether GTA V will be released on the next-generation consoles, they have hinted at the possibility of releasing the massive multiplayer online (MMO) component of the game onto the PS4 and Xbox One.

Arguments for its release on the next-gen consoles

Xbox One vs PS4

The revelation comes from the point that Rockstar is looking to continually add to the enormous online world. Because the PS3 and Xbox 360 are coming to the end of their respective reigns, it would make no sense for Rockstar to continue upgrading an outdated platform. Instead, it seems highly plausible that Rockstar will be working to transition the online universe into the era of next-generation consoles.

When asked about the possibility of GTA Online reaching the next-generation platforms, Rockstar’s president replied by stating that they were going to wait and see what the consumer was looking for. With the advent of the next-generation consoles, it will soon be clear that the consumer is looking for a graphically updated version of the new GTA.

Parachuting in GTA Online

Arguments against

At this point, it is complete speculation that GTA V will be released on the next-generation consoles. With the evidence, we can only make an educated guess as to whether it will come to fruition. It seems that the evidence is pointing in one direction: GTA Online on the PS4 and Xbox One.

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