GTA Online could simulate entire world

Published on August 20, 2013

Video game developing company, Rockstar, plans to make popular franchise Grand Theft Auto into an online game. The plan is to take both old and new content and converge into an extensive online experience. They are also planning on taking into account the feedback of the gamers to make a more enjoyable experience.

What the Rockstar CEO is Saying

Leslie BenziesRockstar CEO, Leslie Benzies, talked about the basics of the new GTA online; he was very careful not to give away any spoilers. He states how there will constantly be new items added, such as buildings and towns.

This way it makes for the ultimate sandbox game for individuals to enjoy. The goal is to continue adding to the game until it is as big as the real world. One thing mentioned, although not part of the game yet, is adding multiple countries to the game.

How Big GTA Online will Actually Be

GTA Online is sure to be a huge deal. However, it is doubtful the online world will ever be as big as the actual world. That is a hard feat to pull off, even for such a talented group of video game developers. However, it is good news to hear that the Rockstar crew has a lot more game material in store for GTA Online players.

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