Coming this Friday: The GTA Online Valentine’s Day Massacre Special

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The GTA Valentine’s Day Massacre Special is the best way for players to get the best new weapons, vehicles and attire for their game play. GTA gets more and more fun everyday when there are weapons and vehicles anew for every player. Look at all of the things that the players can get during the Massacre Special on GTA.


The Gusenberg Sweeper

The Gusenberg Sweeper is a wooden-barreled gun that can spray everyone in the game with bullets indiscriminately. Not only can the player have fun with a brand new gun, but they can get two additional clips with their purchase. This means that the Sweeper is easy to use, comes already loaded and is easy to reload in the Ammu-Nation store.

The Albany Roosevelt

This 1920′s-style limousine is the best new thing for people to drive through the game when they need a little more muscle and a lot more horsepower. With the Albany Roosevelt, players can fit people into the car for big jobs. Plus, there is plenty of space on the side of the car for other crew members to hang off the side. This can turn the Roosevelt into a battering ram that can literally raid any area without any problems at all.

New Clothes

The new clothes in the game include 1920s-inspired looks that will go great with a new Albany Roosevelt. Also, the game’s sexy underwear looks great with the masquerade masks and the Flapper Bob hairstyles that are exclusively for the ladies. In these new garments, players can have an intense and sexy Valentine’s Day while also looking the part when they are riding in their new car and carrying their vintage weapon.

More New Jobs

There are ten new jobs that have been placed all throughout the world of GTA online so that the players can do even more races and stunts.

With the Valentine’s Day Massacre Special, every player has a chance to change their look, outfit their crew with better wheels and weapons and go on new adventures that are going to earn them money and make the fun more real.

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