GTA V: Assassination and Stock Market

Published on October 22, 2013

Grand Theft Auto 5 was one of the most anticipated games of 2013. From one of the most historic game franchises in history, this newest version offered more options to run wild causing tons of havoc in the fictional town of Los Santos. One of the options available in the game is to make some serious money by playing the stock market, which can be done in congruency with the assassination missions that Franklin must do for Lester.

Multiple times throughout the game, Franklin will give Lester a phone call from a payphone in order to get instructions for a new assassination target to take out. These usually consist of corporate CEOs, political figures, or simply people that have just gotten on Lester’s bad side. Luckily, there is a great secret to making money as any of the players in the game can rack in loads of loot during these missions.

GTA 5 Online Mission

The hint is to listen to the advice that Lester gives you before you carry out your assassination. When you are on the phone with Lester, he will tell you which stock may be affected at the death of the person you are set to kill. If he doesn’t directly mention which stock to buy, then he will give you enough insight into who the target is and it’s safe to assume that those stocks are going to soon bye hot.

Once Lester does this, you have a few different options. First, you can remain as Franklin and access your phone and buy as many stocks as you desire. This could mean just a few bucks, or your entire wallet. Either way, it’s a safe investment and you’ll get a hefty reward with the more money you invest.

GTA 5 Online Mission

Another option is to quit the game as Franklin and access Michael and Trevor respectively. Once you select each player, you can also have them invest a load of stock of each company as well. At this point, you will then access Trevor again and give Lester a call. That way, everyone wins and will see nice returns in the stock market.

The last thing to remember is to get rid of the stock within in a reasonable time. Just as much as the stock will go up, it can also crash just as quickly. Be sure that once you are happy with the return that you see, you take your money and get ready for the next assassination attempt.

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