GTA V DLC: 8 characters who could take a starring role

Published on December 3, 2013

Gaming fans are wondering who will take the starring role in the popular Grand Theft Auto (GTA) 5 DLC. The creators have been dropping a few hints about characters that might be prominent.

Who Might Be a Main Star in GTA 5 DLC?

The lead thief needs intelligence, quickness and great car-handling skills. While some characters might be entertaining, they lack the overall three-dimensional developments for both single and multiplayer heists. Here are eight characters who could take a starring role in Rockstar GTA 5 DLC:

1. Hedge Fund Manager Man Dom Beasley


Hedge Fund Manager Dom Beasley is likely to tell you about how the stock market always goes up. “Are you swimming with the sharks or sleeping with the fish?” Dom has the need for speed: a very useful skill in GTA.

2. Serbian Mafia Niko Bellic

How about the possibility of playing the Serbian Organized Crime Syndicate’s Niko Bellic. This hired-gun continues to search for the men who wronged him in his personal vendetta.

3. Professional Voyeur Lester Crest


Every day, there is a new way to view, spy and use surveillance to watch people and on the other side of the camera, you might find Professional Voyeur Lester Crest. Is that a video camera on that light pole? The new player camera phone could have some interesting features for GTA 5 DLC.

4. G-Man Gerald


Gerald “G” is only found in the multiplayer mode. But someone with a “Ph.D of the street” hustling here and there will always be a popular character in the Grand Theft Auto series.

5. Street Racer Hao


Hao is a street racer who knows how to handle any automobile. There is something about “racing for pink slips” that tests the mettle of any man who wants to fill his garage with custom wheels. Do you have what it takes?

6. Biker Gang President Johnny Klebitz

There have been rumors that Biker Johnny Klebitz might re-emerge as a character for the GTA 5 DLC. You can continue to follow his troubled life.

7. Drug Lord Martin Madrazo


And what would life be like in the “red light district” without the drugs supplied by Martin Madrazo? He is an equal opportunity employer providing plenty of jobs in a tough economy. Usury might be his middle name as this banker “wanna-be” has some stiff penalties for late payments.

8. Triathlete Mary-Ann Quinn


And we must have at least one woman, right? Why not play as Fitness Nut Mary-Ann Quinn? She has plenty of the requisite energy for car heists.

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