GTA V Has One Fault: It Is Not Very Funny

Published on December 2, 2013

GTA V is one of the best video games to come out in a long time. The stunning game play, vivid graphics, and entertaining missions make for a quality game. One thing that GTA V does not have, however, is a keen sense of humor. This game is really just not that funny at all. There’s not a lack of effort; the drawn out jokes often leave people wondering about the significance of what they are seeing and hearing. The game tries admirably to force a few chuckles out of you, but it fails miserably more often than not in its attempts.

Lack of Originality

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One of the things that hurt the humor in GTA V is that it doesn’t say anything new that hasn’t been said already. The jokes about Los Angeles, the city the game is based on, are old and tired. There are running jokes about overly-tanned people, powerful businessmen who aren’t as powerful as they think, crazy housewives, and more.

Only the most basic senses of humor would allow people to find these jokes funny when they are already well known about Los Angeles. It’s no secret that Los Angeles is a large yet shallow city.

Too Simple

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The humor is simply too simple. That’s not to say that all attempts at humor must be so complex that only elite intellects can understand them. Even teenagers fail to laugh at these simplistic attempts at humor. One scene in the game suggests that laughing at a dumb housewife is the only form of humor needed to find laughter.

Even in our day of gender equality and all the parodies that go along with it, these jokes in GTA V lack any zing to grab and hold the audience’s attention. Maybe if there was a greater effort to produce real humor, the game would have some comedic merits.

Crude Jokes

It’s not enough these days to call someone or their mother a bad name. GTA V fails to move beyond this type of joke to deliver any real comedic value to its players. People who play these games have heard this type of joke and language many times.

It’s not new or inspiring anymore. Crude humor cans till bring a laugh to anyone, but not when it is overdone in games like this one. The developers of this game couldn’t have found this funny when they were making it, could they?

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