GTA V Has Shipped 29+ Million Copies

Grand Theft Auto V, the newest installation in Rockstar Game’s Grand Theft Auto video game series, has shipped more than 29 million copies to retailers. These sales could make GTA V the most popular and fastest selling video game release in history.

The sales numbers reflect sell-in figures, an industry term meaning the number of units sold to retailers, not bought by end users. Still, 29 million sell-in copies is more than Grand Theft Auto IV sold in the game’s lifetime. GTA V was also a hit with record sales to consumers.

It was reported that the game generated more than $1 billion in retail sales in its first three days. That is faster than any entertainment product, video game or movie, has hit that milestone amount. Analysts had originally estimated the game would hit $1 billion in its first month of sales.

The popularity of Rockstar’s Grand Theft Auto series has continued to grow for years. The games often set records and have meant huge profits for Rockstar. There is really no predicting how far Grand Theft Auto V will rise in terms of sales. It has yet to be seen whether the upcoming release of the Xbox One will affect sales of the game. One thing is certain though, GTA V has definitely secured its spot in the record books.

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