‘GTA V’ multiplayer American Dream and Decorated achievement glitches discussed

Published on November 7, 2013

While GTA V is an excellent game overall, there have been some glitches when it comes to the online multi player mode. These glitches refer specifically to the achievement and trophy aspects of the game, and Rockstar Games have provided a response to all the questions that are being asked. With reference to the American Dream portion of the multi player game, they have provided information about the glitches.

American Dream and Decorated Glitch Situation:

The conversation about American Dream started with a fan on Twitter, who complained that his American Dream and Decorated achievements were not being unlocked, even though he had completed all the requirements.


American Dream unlocks after a series of physical properties have been bought, and Decorated is completed after 30 platinum awards. These awards are given out after the player wins a series of tasks – criminal activities, vehicle purchases, weapons, and combat.

Rockstar says that they are looking into the glitches, and are working very hard to resolve the problem. This means that fans will not have to wait long before they can unlock the American Dream and Decorated aspects of the multi player mission. The quote from their Twitter page reads: “We are looking into some reports about that achievement.”


The Length of The Main Story

Aside from American Dream and Decorated, players have been experiencing a few other online problems. For example, there are situations where progress is lost during the GTA Online mode, and that can be rather frustrating. Rockstar have released a series of online updates for the game, four in total, but they have not resolved the problem completely yet. Their 1.05 update is due next week, and fans are hoping that will deal with almost all of the online glitches that are making the game difficult to complete.

Still a Great Game:

Despite a few glitches here and there, fans are very pleased with the overall GTA V experience. The regular story mode is fantastic, and has almost no bugs or glitches associated with it. Players around the world have successfully completed the story without any issues.

The online game play is also of a very high quality, but there is a sense that Rockstar needs to sort out these glitches as soon as possible.

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