GTA V : One of 10 best video games in the past 5 years

Published on November 13, 2013

Grand Theft Auto V was one of the most anticipated games of 2013 and in just a few short months, it surely hasn’t disappointed. With insanely entertaining game play, and the recent addition of an online mode, GTA offers endless hours of entertainment that other games can’t hold a, well, controller, to. All of this has made GTA one of the best 10 video games in the past five years.

What makes this game so great is the fact that there is no end to the madness. You get to take your part as three different characters, Michael, the retired criminal who gets back into the game during a midlife crisis, Trevor, the lifelong psychopath who knows no limits, and Franklin, the corner gangster who is looking to make it big in the game. Each character has tons of missions that you can take part in individually, yet they also beautifully intertwine with one another as well.

Extraordinary Gameplay Dynamics

If the individual missions weren’t enough, there are also tons of hidden missions that you’ll come across while playing. Sometimes you’ll have to return a stolen wallet or vehicle, or you may get a call to go hunting or race a car. The missions vary depending on what character you are controlling, but there is plenty to go around no matter who you are.

After a month of being on the market, GTA V also released on online version that allowed players to start their own shenanigans in Los Santos. You can buy cars and guns for your player, outfit them in clothes that matches your personality, and do all of the insanely fun things that Michael, Franklin and Trevor can do.

The Softer Side of San Andreas

Thought it is the game play that makes GTA V one of the best games in recent years, it is its depth that will make it a game that won’t soon be forgotten. In this version of GTA you can fly planes, only to skydive off them and plunge thousands of feet. You can play mini-games like golf or tennis. And you can still do some of the themes that started in the original GTA over a decade again, such as picking up a working girl and taking her for a little bit of paid pleasure.

If you haven’t played Grand Theft Auto V yet, you are missing out on the cultural impact that this game is having. Any serious, or even novice, gamer needs to check out this game. And all competing games need to take notes and make sure that they keep the bar where GTA V has raised it to.

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