GTA V: One Year in and More Entertaining Than Ever

Published on September 24, 2014

Every video game guru has an inventory of go-to obsessions, and Grand Theft Auto V seems to be at the top of the list for many gaming fans. As its creators celebrate the one-year anniversary of its release, GTA V is better than ever. Even with the fierce competition, the gameplay is as impressive as it’s always been, and loyalists to the series still have plenty of reasons to be excited.

Never-ending Entertainment

Like the previous versions of GTA, this most recent creation offers endless possibilities in an open-world, free-roam environment. Because there are countless ways to alter your gameplay, it’s virtually impossible to become apathetic about the characters. You can quickly switch control of multiple characters so that you’re always right in the middle of the action. Customization allows for an even more unique experience.

As you roam the streets of Los Santos and the surrounding areas, it’s easy to understand why this game is still going strong one year into its existence. The refinements in missions, combat scenarios and weaponry mean you can elevate your story to exciting levels. New challenges in the flight school, vehicle customizations that will make your head spin, and an interesting array of characters throughout the map keep GTA V at the forefront of the mission-based games.

Next-generation Anticipation

With the anticipated arrival of GTA V on the PS4 and Xbox One in November, there are even more reasons to keep playing. The power of these platforms along with the continual evolution of GTA Online means a wider range for experimentation. Rockstar claims there will be a more extensive scope of weapons, vehicles and jobs, and the graphics and technical aspects will be enhanced as well.

If you question the staying power of this year-old game compared to its younger successors, consider the possibilities when it comes to the impending gameplay enhancements. Imagine racing through the denser traffic of the city, flying a plane with the ability to land on water, and exploring formidable new undergrowth while trying to not only survive but to gain power in a world of economic breakdown. Is it surprising that GTA V continues to remain relevant?

Whether you prefer playing against others or sticking to the story mode, there is no denying GTA V offers a freedom many other games in this genre lack. There is an infinite amount of details and features to discover in the current version, and the upcoming options for next-gen consoles seem to be equally as compelling. Supporters of the franchise and those new to the Grand Theft Auto universe will experience storylines, graphics and personalization that quench their thirst for action.