GTA V online: 10 essential tips

Published on October 7, 2013

Grand Theft Auto V’s online multiplayer started off with an unstable start that resulted in wiped characters, bugged customization options and things that were silly bugs by even GTA standards.

To get ahead in the online world, you need to know how to be smart, prevent yourself from being mugged and know the right winner hotspots to hit. That’s why you’re about to learn 10 of the must-know GTA V online tips.

Grand Theft Auto Online

#1: Watch Out for White Dots

White dots on your map are other players in the same game as you when you play online. They could be friends, but they’re much more likely to be foes. Always watch your back by checking for them.

#2: Keep Your Money Safe

You should try to keep your money as safe as possible. Deposit it when it’s safe to do so, but don’t make it a habit to hang around ATMs. This can leave you as a big target for muggings by other players.

#3: Know Where helicopters Spawn

Being able to steal a helicopter will give you an invaluable advantage online. Memorize where they spawn.

If you can’t find one, then try the Sandy Shores Airfield.

#4: Passive Mode

By using the interaction menu, you can turn on passive mode. This disallows you from interacting with other players and shooting weapons, but it also keeps you safe from other players and vehicles for the small fee of $100.

#5: Lock Your Ride

If you’re tired of people hopping into your souped-up car, then use the interaction menu to limit access to your vehicles. Scroll down all the way to the bottom and allow everyone, your friends or just yourself to drive your car.

#6: Stay on Your Toes

Keep your gun unholstered at all times, because you never know when that white dot is going to swing by and try to waste you. Be ready to respond with lethal force to prevent yourself from being another victim.

#7: Suicide is an Option

If you’re stuck in the boondocks without access to a ride, you can always kill yourself using the interaction menu. This allows you to respawn at the nearest hospital for just $500.

#8: Find Your Friends

You can use the interaction menu to make the icons of certain players flash on your map. This allows you to know when you friends (and enemies) are nearby. IT also gives you the perfect chance to see where you easy prey is.

#9: Join or Make a Crew

You can join multiple crews, so make sure you’re in one. Crews get a 50% reputation bonus and 10% cash bonus when you complete missions with people in your crew. They also give you someone to play with, so invite everyone you see.

#10: Work on the Long, Hard Grind

After completing a certain mission, you gain access to goodies like airstrikes. They’re expensive, but you can whittle down the prize of these invaluable goodies by completing more missions online. You just need to do a lot of missions to get them reasonably priced.

Nobody said getting easy access to the most awesome stuff at a bargain prize would be easy.

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