GTA V Online: 5 Ways To Spend Your $500,000

Published on November 12, 2013

As a way of saying sorry for all of their online glitches, Rockstar has given all players who played in October a cool $500,000. Being dubbed as the “stimulus package,” many online players can afford a lot more than they could before. However, before you start spending recklessly, here are five effective ways to spend your cash:

#1 Ammo and Guns

GTA V Guns

It’s no secret that the online world isn’t a safe place. Without the adequate firearms and ammo, you’re not going to survive long. Depending on the reputation points that you have earned, this is a great place to stockpile on some heavy artillery.

#2 High-end Car

High end car

With all of this cash, consider investing in a nice sports car. Unlike the offline version where you can steal and store a car, this can’t be done in the online world. Instead, you’re going to have to spend your hard-earned cash. When you do make that purchase, don’t forget to buy the insurance and tracking device.

#3 Buy a Jet


Most smaller jets are going to start at $250,000. However, since your bank account is padded with a cool $500,000, you may want to consider getting yourself a luxurious private jet. A private jet is a fantastic way to get away from the streets when things get out of control. Just like the car, don’t forget to buy the insurance.

#4 Place a Bounty


As long as your reputation is higher than 10, you can place bounties on other enemy’s heads. Instead of getting annoyed when someone guns you down, you can get revenge.

#5 Live in Style


In the online world, a player can buy more than 60 apartments. If you want a simple place to stay, plan on spending $100,000. However, if you want to live the luxurious lifestyle with your friends, a house in the hills with a 10-car garage could be yours for $200,000.