GTA V: Q&A from Rockstar Games

Published on July 3, 2013

Tell Me About Switching Characters During Gameplay:

When you’re not on a mission, you can freely switch to any of the three characters (Michael, Franklin and Trevor). How and when you switch between characters when you’re not on a mission is completely up to the player.

In addition, there will be times on a mission when you play as one character, or as a combination of two of them, and sometimes as all three. Off mission, it’s up to you. You can play as one character or you can switch between any of them.

Harming Another Main Character:


The characters live their own personal lives, but you will be able to find them. Having found them and maybe even assault them, but you won’t be able to kill them. Permanently killing a major character wouldn’t make sense.

Is There Going to be a GTA V Poster Included?:

A map of the world to aid players in navigating the city will be included. For a world of this size, there will be a double-sided map to make sure players have all the information they might need to explore the world.

Customizable Weapons and Vehicles:

Weapons and vehicles will be very customizable, including a wide-range of weapon upgrades as well as some very deep car customization.

How Many Disc Will The PS3 and Xbox versions have?:

Grand Theft Auto V is the largest game created by Rockstar. In order to provide the best experience for such a massive world, the game will have requirements on both Xbox 360 and PS3 systems. For Xbox 360, the game will ship on two discs; Disc 1 is for a one-time mandatory install and Disc 2 is to be used to play the game.

Rockstar games

Once installed, players will be able to access both Grand Theft Auto V and Grand Theft Auto Online without switching discs. For the PS3, the game will ship on one disc and will install as soon as you insert the game.

What About GTA V on PC or Next-Gen Consoles?:

There’s nothing to share about the possibility of a next-gen or a PC release at this time.

GTA V Multiplayer:

It’s called Grand Theft Auto Online and it will be unveiling it sometime this summer.

Could There Be A Delay?:

Nope. GTA V will be available for PS3 and Xbox 360 on September 17th.

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