GTA V: The Sum of all Peers

Published on September 8, 2013

The Great Success of Grand Theft Auto V

Grand Theft Auto V (GTA V) is without a doubt the culmination of every successful feature ever added to the franchise. With the release date of September 17th looming in every hardcore gamer’s mind, it is only fair to offer more tempting and torturous information as the launch day slowly creeps closer.

Rockstar’s Evolution

Any true gamer knows the likes of Rockstar and the slew of unprecedented video games they have produced throughout the years. Read Dead Redemption, Max Payne and Midnight Club: Los Angeles have all added to the indomitable reputation of Rockstar Games.

Of course, there were no sharks in Red Dead Redemption...

Although Grand Theft Auto was the first Rockstar franchise to skyrocket them into stardom, the other aforementioned titles have done much to contribute to the evolution of the upcoming GTA game.

For example, the fluidity of movement in GTA V is inspired by much of the work on Max Payne 3, and the addition of a weapon wheel to sort through available weapons was influenced by the same feature in Red Dead Redemption.

In regards to driving controls in the new GTA, much of the added features have drawn from abilities included in Midnight Club: Los Angeles, including the ability to personally customize vehicles in a novel manner and the ability to slow down time while engaged in almost impossible driving maneuvers.

The Result Is Unprecedented Gameplay

We're just excited to fly over Los Santos again.

By taking key elements of every past success in the Rockstar lineup, they have been able to create an experience that is remarkably distinct in the realm of gaming. Although GTA V utilizes features that have worked in the past, the culmination of those features is what supports the claim of the game’s idiosyncrasies. Taken alone, each feature is surprising at best, but when taken together, the game displays an astounding understanding of gaming dynamics.

Along with the revamped usability of the controls comes the graphically stunning and ever-evolving world of GTA V. The game feels and looks like a next-generation game, which is interesting because the next-gen consoles are set to be released two months after the release of GTA V.

What’s To Come

And the guns, of course.

The question still remains as to whether GTA V will be available for the next-generation consoles, since Rockstar has refused to comment on the possibility. Rockstar did announce that they will be paying close attention to the pleas of the Grand Theft Auto 5 community. Thus, it seems that there is a high possibility gamers will see GTA V on the nex-gen consoles in the near future.

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