GTAV Official Site Update: Security, Fitness & Entertainment

Published on September 9, 2013

GTAV Official Site Update: Security, Fitness & Entertainment

DMA Design launched the first of the Grand Theft Auto games in 1997. Since then, advancements in graphics have turned the game into a stunning visual display of life in the city. GTA V is the latest edition, and one that involves more than carjacking and running errands for shady characters. Today’s Grand Theft Auto delves into entertainment, fitness, and personal security.


CNTThere’s more about GTA V than gunfights and carjacking. Quality entertainment has always been a series staple. From radio stations in early Grand Theft Auto titles to fictional television networks in GTA IV, the game has always been about creating living, breathing worlds. Part of that is the nature of American entertainment.

The new game will feature dozens of hours of radio station content, in addition to entire television networks.

Right now, Rockstar is showing off the fall preview of their fictional television network, CNT. With a name like that, rest assured the series’ trademark blend of blue comedy and satire remains well intact.

Fitness and Relaxation

BMXSince GTA: Vice City, the series has been offering dozens of customization options for its characters. GTA V will be no exception, right down to exercise. With physical appearance such a strong facet of American culture, it couldn’t have happened any other way.

From mountain biking to triathlons, GTA V offers an unprecedented number of activities to participate in. Characters are likely to reach the end of the game buff just because of the sheer entertainment value of exercise.

The developers have spent considerable time ensuring the different forms of exercise are as fun for players as they are beneficial for their characters. Going so far as to include golf and tennis courses, GTA V offers an incredible variety of fitness options for players.


Domestic Violence CallOne thing players have always expected from Grand Theft Auto as a series is a strong law enforcement presence. GTA V will be no exception to this rule. Featuring not just cops, but private contractors, GTA V is stepping up security to realistic levels.

With private security firms taking a financial interest in their beneficiaries, the series is taking a realistic approach to personal defense for the first time in its history.

Whether players are robbing a bank, stealing a car, or just trespassing, they can rest assured that the world of GTA V is sure to retaliate. Fans wouldn’t have it any other way.

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GTAV Official Site Update: Security, Fitness & Entertainment

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