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Grand Theft Auto V has just been released, and it is set to revolutionize the way that gaming is viewed. A deep story with three highly developed characters running around in what is unquestionably the most interactive sandbox setting ever conceived, GTA V is set to make history.

And that’s why you should get the most out of the game when you play it, finding all of the secrets and Easter eggs, learning every key element of back story, and cutting out the long, tedious bits so that you can focus your attention entirely on the meat of the game. GTA 5 Plus can help you with that.

GTA V Characters

Not just a Strategy Guide

GTA 5 Plus is just not a strategy guide. Strategy guides are just collections of facts that give you no chance to really understand what’s going on.

GTA 5 Plus is a Live Interactive Database that includes all of the resources that you will need in order to complete the game in the best time while still getting everything that you want.

Unlimited money? Hidden missions? Unlocked levels? All of them could be yours with GTA 5 Plus.

GTA V HeistCompanion Guide

Among the many features of a Live Interactive Database is access to this Companion Guide, which has been compiled by very well connected people, many of them industry insiders who were close to the game’s creation.

The Companion Guide can help you get the most out of game play without necessarily spoiling any given part of the game for you.

Detailed Walkthroughs

The Live Interactive Database is filled with detailed walkthroughs of every mission.

  • Having trouble getting through a particular part?
  • Not sure how to beat a specific boss?

Don’t worry! We’ve got you covered and can tell you step by step how to get past that part and back into the rest of the game.

Cheats, Tricks, and Secrets

We have access to secrets in the game that can’t be found anywhere else on the internet!

  • Are there missions that almost nobody finds?
  • What’s the best in-game investing strategy so that you can own Los Santos?
  • Is there any way I can avoid all the traveling and just get to the next mission?

Sometimes you just want to get through the game to see what happens, so these cheats and tricks can save you time and effort, letting you breeze through and find out everything you want to know.

Ongoing Support

Don’t just get one answer and leave it at that. With your single payment subscription, you can continue to get support for the game, even as expansions are released. That’s because you also get access to an exclusive forum, which lets you talk not only with other gamers, but with experts on the game who can help you through anything you need.

Games should be fun, not frustrating. GTA 5 Plus lets you enjoy the parts of the game that you love and skip the frustrating parts so that you get the most out of your experience!


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