GTA V Tips and Hints

This page contains various tips and hints that will make your GTA V experience more productive and fun. These aren’t cheats but rather strategies that you can use to be a better player.

Stalking Freebies and Discounts

LifeinvaderLifeinvader is the Grand Theft Auto V equivalent of Facebook. Stalk is the Lifeinvader equivalent of Facebook’s Like mechanism.

Certain stores in the game offer discounts or free merchandise for stalking them.

To claim the discount or free item, simple go to that store’s Lifeinvader page and click the Stalk button. These items can only be claimed once.

Here’s a list of the currently known items and discounts that you can get free by stalking:

  • Stalking Elitas Travel earns you 10 percent off your first purchase at
  • Stalking Herr Kutz Barber earns you a free haircut on your first visit to the chain.
  • Stalking InkInc. nets you a free tattoo of your choice.
  • Stalking Legendary Motorsport gets you 10 percent off your first purchase through their online showroom.
  • Stalking Los Santos Customs gets you a free paint job on any vehicle.
  • Stalking Redwood Cigarettes gets you 10 percent off your first visit to any hospital.
  • Stalking Sprunk earns you, of course, a free can of Sprunk.
  • Finally, stalking Warstock Cache & Carry nets you 10 percent off your first in-store purchase.

Permanent Discount at Ammu-nation

GTA V Ammu-nation

There’s a 25 percent discount available at all Ammu-nation discounts, and the discount is available as soon as you start the game. Go to any of the Ammu-nation locations, enter and then walk through the back to the shooting range. Next, achieve a gold medal in all of the range challenges. At worst, this will take you about 20 minutes. As soon as you get that last gold, the permanent discount will be assigned to that save file, and it’ll apply to all Ammu-nation locations.

Free Weapon Boosts

Weapon upgrades don’t have to be hard to come by, and you can actually get them free. While on a mission, enter an Ammu-nation Store and buy all weapon upgrades that you can afford, as well as a grenade, unless you already have one. Leave the shop, and then blow yourself up using the grenade. It really is that simple. The mission will fail, but once you restart, your upgrades will be intact, and all of the money you spent will have been returned to you.

Out of Your Depth

Out of Your Depth, an achievement on Xbox 360 and a trophy on PS3, is a milestone that’s earned by either killing or being killed by a shark. Earning this achievement/trophy is relatively easy. Find a boat or jet ski, drive it out into the water, and continue going until the water becomes a very dark blue. This is the deep ocean where the sharks reside. Cruise around this dark area until a red blip shows up on your mini map. That red dot is a shark, so jump in the water and kill it or wait to be eaten.

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