GTA Online: How to Make $15m an Hour

Despite Rockstar Games’ latest patch to GTA 5 Online, version 1.06 for those keeping track; an “exploit” that can be repeatedly abused to earn a massive influx of cash remains unchecked.

How Do I Make That Bank?

Even with the latest patch, the glitch/exploit is achieved by manipulating car sales. By setting up a spawn near Los Santos Customs, switching to story mode, then switching back to Online you can repeatedly resell your car.

It’s Really That Easy?

GTA Online Beach Bum Update

Once you’ve started the Customs shop’s car sale, open the menu and swap characters. If done right, the sale will be accepted and your character will spawn right where you parked, next to the car you just put up for sale and can continue to resell for cash.

Will This Always Get Me $15 Million?

Not necessarily, the more valuable the car you put up for sale, the more you’ll earn. For the highest yield, try to acquire any of the vehicles in the Benefactor or Ubermacht lines; with the cheapest of them fetching $6,000. Note that some vehicles, like the Vapid Bullet or the Truffade Adder, are “Too Hot,” and cannot be sold.

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