Ignore the GTA 5 sceptics: adults do play video games

Published on September 24, 2013

One of the most anticipated games of the year, if not the last few years, was Grand Theft Auto 5. The newest rendition of the GTA series is thought to be the most in-depth and detailed game released by Rockstar and it certainly hasn’t disappointed. But as the protagonist Franklin Clinton would say, “don’t get it twisted homie”, this game surely isn’t just for kid gamers. Instead, GTA V is an all out epic video game that is perfect for gamers of all ages.

Sure, most video games get a bad rap for being played by nerds or little kids. But in reality, the entire GTA series puts that to the side and introduces people to the life of gangsters, drug dealers, street races and white-collar crime. This material alone is enough for people to realize that this game is not only fun for adults, but it’s the perfect audience that will actually understand some of the details presented in the game.

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Another big upgrade to this version of the game is the new feature when a player visits a strip-club. In previous releases, the game would have censored graphics that didn’t display the nudity that can be now seen in GTA V. Now, everyone is different, but adding this element to the game isn’t just so kids and nerdy gamers can get excited and blog about it online, its so that GTA is a mature game that adults can enjoy is well.

Lastly, GTA offers material that is probably best suitable for mature audiences. Its unfortunate that too often there is a story in the news about a school shooting or other terrible incident. However many times these incidents happen to kids, at the hands of other kids. As adults play GTA V, they have the maturity and the mindset to understand that it is a game, and not something that they will run outside and try and attempt on their own.

As gaming continues to improve graphics and become more interactive and all-out experiences, more and more fans are drawn to video games. No more are games for the comic-collectors or kids who never leave their homes except to go to school. Instead, a generation of older players are making themselves present and taking part in the entertaining game world.

With the perfect example of Grand Theft Auto 5, this game is not meant just for children. Instead, adults can play the game and get as much, if not more, pleasure out of the themes and entertainment that is provided by one of the greatest gaming franchises of all time.

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