Easy Method To Increase Your Money and Reputation In GTA Online

Published on October 9, 2013

On October 6, Game Cup revealed an interesting and simple method for gamers to earn reputation points and money in Grand Theft Auto (GTA) online. Fundamentally, the gamer must only participate in a simple multiplayer mission many times to quickly gain money and status.

The mission involves the GTA character Martin Madrazo, and it goes by the name of “Mixed Up With Coke.” The only way for gamers to participate in this mission is for one of the players in the party to be at least at level 45.

GTA Online

Out of the four players in the party, two must have the sticky bombs ability unlocked and the other two must have the grenades unlocked. Once these criteria are met, players will be instructed to blow up four marked cement trucks in order to complete the mission and reap the rewards.

Each cement truck is located within a small region of the map; however, you will not be able to destroy any other cement truck than the one on your map. Once you have destroyed this cement truck, the next one will spawn immediately.

By dispersing a player’s party so that each member is located at a spawn point, gamers are able to rack up points in under a minute. The coordination and timing may take a few tries before it is perfected, but the effort is well worth the reward.

It has been documented that some players have been able to earn up to 160,000 reputation points and $700,000 in just one hour of gameplay.

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