Intel Expects GTA 5 on PC Before Long

Published on October 12, 2013

Rockstar’s much awaited Grand Theft Auto V was released September 17 for both the XBOX 360 and PS3, but as of yet no PC release is planned. However, according to Intel’s director Chris Silva, he doesn’t believe PC gamers will have to wait much longer.

A slip up in August on part of NVIDIA leaked rumors that a PC version might be released in fall, but the company later retracted their statements, stating that they had not intended to confirm or deny the existence of a PC port.

The Reasoning


When Microsoft held Halo back from the PC for such a long time, many gamers felt the title suffered as a result.

It’s possible that Rockstar is delaying the PC release of GTA V in order to build up anticipation on part of gamers, but with the excitement and controversy that already surrounds every Grand Theft Auto release, that seems unlikely.

Chances are Rockstar is following the patterns they have in the past, waiting several months before releasing the PC version.

Will it happen?


PC gamers are worried that they may never get the title on a PC, but historically Rockstar has released most of the Grand Theft Auto titles on PC at one point or another.

The PC port is typically released around seven months after the console release, so there is no need for gamers to get too antsy; wait until April and see what happens then.

The Benefits of Waiting


There is an upside to not immediately having GTA V on the PC: it gives Rockstar more time to work on the kinks, and deliver an overall better product after receiving feedback from their customers. Titles that are released on PC tend to have better visuals, not only because PCs typically have more power than consoles, but because there are more options.

In addition, the modding community would never pass up their chance to add more content to Los Santos. And perhaps the best feature? Custom radio channels based on your music library on your computer. Never again will you have to listen to the same songs repeatedly while running from the police.

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