GTA Online Jobs Cracks One Million and Climbing

Published on December 31, 2013

GTA Online Jobs Cracks One Million and Climbing

Rockstar Games recently thrilled gamers with news that the GTA Online Creator community was responsible for a new series of verified GTA Jobs designed by players. These Jobs continue to pour in with Rockstar announcing there are currently over an astonishing one million additions to Jobs available for play right now.

With all these Jobs Rockstar Verified Jobs at the waiting, one could spend a good long time looking for favorable gameplay among those many choices. So here are a few of the Jobs that are generating serious attention on Reddit, YouTube and other social platforms. Apparently, these Jobs stand out for creativity and playing pleasure.

Jump the Lake

If you get a kick out of Japanese game shows, this Job is not only a lot of fun but provides some serious laughs. The object is to transverse a lake by leaping across a series of platforms. Do it during broad daylight or try your hand at night when all you have is soft moonlight, headlights and the delightful splash of hitting the water hard.

Busted Rancho and Busted Police Station

Free Mode is a big plus in the online GTA world. With these Jobs, have a great time running customized Demo and Busted derby matches. The creators, RatchetAU, have even put a nifty guide on Reddit that tells users how they can create their own derbies.

Laguna Seca Remake

This Job is inspired by the iconic Laguna Seca Raceway in California and its detail of the circuit has gotten quite a bit of attention. Evade the police, collect your medallions and create the general chaos that makes GTA such a party to begin with.

Spy Hunter V1 and Fort Zancudo Race

If you like dodging the law, there’s some really great play here. Sweet power ups and well placed ramps take the concept of catch me if you can to all new levels. This Job creator, rechyyy, has also provided a little extra in Spy Hunter with a tip of the hat to that famous arcade shooter.

All these games and the million more can be found in the Social Club of the Jobs area. It should be noted all Job titles were either originally created by the community unless Rockstar felt they needed changing due to copyright issues, taste or other reasons. It should also be taken into consideration that after Jobs are verified, they are accessible for play on both the Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 consoles.

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