GTA V: The Making of a Video Game Anthem

GTA V: The Making of a Video Game Anthem

Grand Theft Auto V is part of a massive franchise that brings out the most violent debauchery in gaming. Between killing random thugs, innocent people and hijacking cars, you are out to dominate the city and become the biggest and best heist master in the world.

The anthem of this game is really part of what makes it so hardcore though, and the creator is surprised that his track has made it to the top. “Sleepwalking” is the name of the new single, and it’s becoming a favorite for everyone.

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How The Song Was Chosen

Kamtin Mohager is the creator of the song, and he was approached during game development about adding a song to the list on the soundtrack. He was eager and excited to be part of the team, and “Sleepwalking” was a quick and immediate hit with everyone. It was the natural choice for what would go on the legendary soundtrack.

Becoming Legendary

It’s not everyday that a musician wakes up to be one of the number-one artists on a gaming soundtrack. This song is in everyone’s head, and it’s even been used in television commercials for the game. Kamtin was at Lollapolooza one year and was approached by Rockstar to work on a project with them. Four months later they had a meeting and Kamtin was told that they wanted to use his song for Grand Theft Auto V. He agreed, but he never expected it to explode the way it did.

Kamtin isn’t new to the video game industry, but this single is part of one of the biggest franchises in gaming history. That’s huge for him, and it’s huge for the gaming world too. A break like this could mean a lot for his future career as a musician or as a video-game composer.

Getting A Bigger Fanbase

Good music is no doubt part of what makes a game great. Grand Theft Auto wouldn’t be half the monster it is without quality music to go along with it. Kamtin admits to growing his fanbase because of this hit single on the soundtrack, and it has no doubt improved sales for Rockstar as well.

Gaming And Music

Gaming and music have always been important to each other, but in modern gaming it is even more vital to the overall success of a game. Grand Theft Auto V is a great example of how a video-game anthem is made.

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