More GTA V details emerge

Published on January 5, 2013

Game Informer delivers great informations about GTA V

With a new trailer and more screenshots being released, more information is also coming out from Rockstar about Grand Theft Auto V. Game Informer recently had a sit-down with Rockstar and has uncovered some juicy details about the much-anticipated game.


Three characters will be playable in GTA V, and the player can switch to any one of them pretty much whenever they want. If one of the characters dies, much like previous GTA games, it isn’t permanent and gameplay can resume even after death. Each of the protagonists houses will be available to explore, and gamers can even interact with the characters’ family members. Furthermore, each character will have their own solo missions, giving added depth to the storyline.


helicopter hovers over the FIB building

helicopter hovers over the FIB building

Trevor climbs the Vinewood sign

Trevor climbs the Vinewood sign


The missions will be more varied than in Grand Theft Auto IV, with a few of them involving large “heists” that the protagonists are trying to pull off. The city of Los Santos (the metropolitan area of San Andreas) will be large, but not as big as Liberty City in GTA IV. However, the entire area of San Andreas (which can be explored right from the beginning) will be the biggest map Rockstar has ever created.


Rockstar’s special blend of humor and satire will be prominent in Grand Theft Auto V, with plenty of comedy coming from their ever-popular in-game radio and TV stations. A new gameplay concept involving lighting a trail of gasoline on fire will also provide for some fun while exploring Rockstar’s new incarnation of San Andreas.

Grand Theft Auto V is sure to be one of the biggest selling games this year, and more information should be coming out soon. Grand Theft Auto V is scheduled for release this Spring.

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